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Welcome to a Penney for your thoughts, a podcast brought to you by Sean Blomgren and Andrew Penney, live from central Iowa. A show where we discuss all things agronomy, and high yield management, give you real-time updates on what we’re seeing and hearing about in the field, and gain insight from industry professionals as we bring you relevant and timely information on current agronomic management practices.

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Tuesday Jun 11, 2024

These emerging diseases are moving further North each growing season! Dr. Tom Allen gives us insight into management strategies and key considerations when/if they hit our growing areas!

Wednesday May 22, 2024

Corn diseases, soybean diseases, too many diseases!
Dr. Tom Allen dives into the science behind these emerging pathogens affecting corn and soybeans! Curvularia impacts corn similar to eye-spot, and Taproot Decline is easily confused with SDS. Let's learn together so we know how to understand what to expect as these emerging pathogens make their way north! 
Click here to view the publication on Taproot Decline - bit.ly/4bsppuR
Click here to view the publication on Curvularia - bit.ly/44QHYGm

Tuesday May 07, 2024

Round 2 with Dr. Rodrigo Werle and special co-host Meaghan Anderson - We discuss corn herbicides and critical considerations for 2024 and beyond this time! 

Monday Apr 29, 2024

Managing Soybean Herbicides is becoming increasingly complex, and IPM concerns are mounting! Join our great co-host Meaghan Anderson and fellow nozzle head Rodrigo Werle as we discuss the intricacies of managing soybean herbicides in a constantly changing environment! 

Tuesday Apr 23, 2024

Hear from the inaugural group of Bayer Preceon Groundbreakers from 2023 as they discuss their experiences using short-stature hybrids, the management tactics they tried, and their excitement for next season!

Wednesday Apr 03, 2024

Dr. Casteel from Purdue University guides Andrew and me through the research on the impact of high-input management in soybeans.  
We discuss the basics of success, including row spacing, timely planting, and fertility, and then go in-depth into the nuances of manipulating the plant with input timing and decisions! 

Wednesday Mar 20, 2024

Dr. Shaun Casteel from Purdue University is back to discuss his research on high-speed planters in soybeans and the results of using digital imagery to analyze canopy and reflectance data to create yield prediction models!

Thursday Feb 29, 2024

How does high input management affect corn yield?  Dr. Dan Quinn from Purdue University reveals how corn yields are affected by population, fungicide, starter fertilizer, sulfur, micronutrients, tissue sampling, nitrogen, and more!  This jam-packed episode explores the results of the excellent research Purdue and Dr. Dan Quinn are doing! 
Click here for the results of the studies referenced in the podcast! - https://t.co/NsrzNyXJQC

Tuesday Feb 13, 2024

Dr. Daniel J Quinn from Purdue University gives us an in-depth look at the science behind his research on high-management corn.  Planting timing, population, fertilizer, application timing, and more are all discussed during this great peek behind the curtains at how a leading agriculture school is approaching high-yield management. 
Click here to see his published results - https://bit.ly/DrQuinnResearch

Tuesday Jan 30, 2024

It's an awesome wrap-up episode!  Dr. Shaun Casteel (Purdue University) talks to us about the importance of timely soybean planting.  Root development vs. vegetative growth and the impact of soil fertility! 
Dr. Chad Lee (University of Kentucky) helps us understand the unique environment in Kentucky.  Vols, slugs, high-quality wheat, tar-spot, corn yields and more! 
The 2023 agronomist episode has been an amazing series!  Give us insight into guests you want to hear for 2024!


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