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Welcome to a Penney for your thoughts, a podcast brought to you by Sean Blomgren and Andrew Penney, live from central Iowa. A show where we discuss all things agronomy, and high yield management, give you real-time updates on what we’re seeing and hearing about in the field, and gain insight from industry professionals as we bring you relevant and timely information on current agronomic management practices.

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3 days ago

What is the practical application of the research being done at the University of Wisconsin Madison? How do we apply the learnings of Dr. Conley and his team to our soybean fields?
Join us as we discuss the thoughts around practice changes, planting dates, fertility timing, seed treatment, fungicide and more!   

Tuesday May 16, 2023

Shawn Conley is back by popular demand! 
Shawn and his team use accurate grower data and predictive analytics to help producers understand the outcomes of practice changes in their soybean production. Increase yield and ROI using precise information from other growers!

Tuesday May 02, 2023

Darcy Telenko and Darren Mueller join Andrew and me as we examine the management considerations for this complex disease in the corn! Hybrid reviews, application of fungicide timing, and delivery method are all covered!  
Give us a 5-star review, and please share the podcast! 

Monday Apr 24, 2023

Darcy Telenko is one of the most respected pathologist and has been on the forefront of this challenging disease since 2018!
Join us as special co-host guest Darren Mueller helps us unpack this challenging topic with Darcy Telenko! 
In this first episode we take a deep dive into the science of tar-spot including how we first discovered the pathogen and what we have learned about it over the past 4.5 years. 

Wednesday Apr 19, 2023

Dr. Greg Tylka walks us through the tools and management practices we should consider to combat this difficult pest! Rotations, soybean resistance, and new tools on the market! Join us for an in-depth look at soybean cyst nematode management.

Tuesday Apr 11, 2023

Dr. Greg Tylka gives us an in-depth look at soybean cyst nematodes! The science behind their survival in the winter, infection in soybean plants, and the reproductive nature of this pest! We even discuss the science behind corn cyst!  

Tuesday Apr 04, 2023

Join us as we discuss the best management practices for Pythium and Phytophthora with Dr. Santiago Mideros from the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign.

Tuesday Mar 28, 2023

Enjoy this episode as we dig deep into the science behind Oomycete pathogens, specifically Pythium & Phytophthora, in corn and soybeans with our special guest Dr. Santiago Mideros from the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign.

Monday Mar 20, 2023

Ty Barten discusses the exciting potential of short-stature hybrids, and the management practices growers can adopt alongside this new technology. We discuss plant population, nutritional considerations, and fungicide use.

Tuesday Mar 14, 2023

Ty Barten talks to us about Short Corn! Short-stature hybrids have the opportunity to impact agriculture in a significant way. Listen as Ty talks about the science behind this exciting new plant structure! 


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